Product Description


  • Centre-post tyre changer
  • Patented lever-less system without mounting lever
  • Patented central locking system with extra-grip clamping device
  • Pneumatic clamping system with 10” to 30” wheel capacity
  • Pneumatic PLUS91AKC low profile bead depressing device
  • No metal to metal contact minimising damages to rims & tyres
  • Controlled motion automatic bead breaker rollers
  • Patented wheel width reading via sensor system
  • Variable rotation speed via inverter operation foot pedal
  • Pedal operated tyre inflation system with fast inflation
  • Includes universal locking device with centering cone & plastic protection
  • Optional G1000A99NP pneumatic wheel lift
  • Optional G1000A137 universal flange for closed centre rims
  • Manufactured in Italy

Lever-Less Centre-Post Tyre Changer

Model: R1180

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There is a perfect solution for everything from small vehicle workshops through to large scale commercial operations.


Pneumatic Wheel Lift


Pneumatic Wheel Lift

To suit the Rotary R1180 tyre changer.

Universal Flange


Universal Flange

Universal flange for closed centre rims. Also suitable for reverse mount rims.


Specifications R1180
Clamping Range 10” - 30”
Max. Wheel Width 381 mm (15")
Max. Wheel Diameter 1143 mm (45”)
Max. Rim Width 381 mm (15”)
Operating Pressure 8 - 10 bar
Bead Breaker Power 12000 N
Rotation Motor 1.5 kW Inverter + 0.75 kW Motor
Power Supply 240v/50Hz
Machine Weight 330 kg